About MeetJoJo
MeetJoJo Social Networking Platform.

The MeetJoJo in British English – “JoJo” means cool, nice or good whereas in Japanese is called gradually. So with respect to the world community who are living gracefully and who are looking for graceful changes in technology and communication, we are here with a graceful social room for all with the name “MeetJoJo”.

MeetJoJo is a graceful social room for all events “business explores chat and business ideas exchange room” for friends and families. We also welcome all talented young people to launch their novel ideas through our sites where one can create an event.

MeetJoJo is one of the business wings of Kyodai Global. Kyodai Global is proudly launching the first kind of social chat room to the global community in order to share and care for each other both professionally and personally. The aim of this social chat room meetjojo.com is to provide you a unique opportunity to learn and earn through its state of art features and to bring all like-minded people to the: Meetings of the Minds" and introduce more friends and communities to generate genuine income as an incentive and rewards to those promising people who are promoting our social room in all their networks.

MeetJoJo is committed to giving the highest quality platform to all “global citizens. It has a strong technical and professional team to provide the best of the best features where you can lead your thoughts to the communities for their social values and financial growth for their healthy living once in a lifetime. Thus, we will be adding more and more advanced science and technology-based features with Artificial Intelligence-driven.